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Easter Statement 2020

Americans for a United Ireland sends Easter greetings to all Irish Republican activists in Ireland, the United States, and around the world who are dedicated to realizing the 32 County Republic proclaimed on the steps of the GPO 104 years ago. We send our pledges of support and solidarity to the Yes for Unity campaign in particular, and thank them for their continued dedication and hard work.

Over the past year, the National Board of Americans for a United Ireland has been working diligently and we are proud to announce our new website: We hope our new site will be a resource for Americans who want to learn more about and support the campaign for Irish Unity.

Americans for a United Ireland supports the call for a referendum on Irish Unity. Moving forward, it will be our sole focus. Between the changing landscape in the wake of Brexit and the shifting of demographics in the north of Ireland, we see a potential referendum as the best way to achieve a united Ireland by peaceful means. We hope that through awareness and support, the Irish-American community will help give rise to the demand for such a referendum.

We had planned to announce a number of demonstrations this year in support of the call for an Irish Unity Referendum, however the current COVID-19 pandemic puts the likelihood of such events in doubt. Although most of the world is unable to gather collectively in person, we encourage everyone to utilize safe means of communicating to share ideas and engage in dialogue with one another.

We would also like to take this time to state our support for all frontline workers, especially the nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers who are fighting this virus. We call on governments worldwide to ensure that these workers have the proper protective equipment. We thank them for their selflessness and dedication as they make such sacrifices for the greater good.