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Statement in support of Irish Republican Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Americans for a United Ireland have been watching with concern the current situation unfolding in Maghaberry Prison in the British occupied six counties. While we are not a prisoner support organization, we stand for the human rights of all and are therefore obligated to speak out on this matter. Last month a number of Irish Republicans were imprisoned due to the treacherous actions of an Mi5 informant. Included among them was Palestinian, Dr. Issam Hijjawi.

Hijjawi has been singled out for harsh treatment from the beginning by the regime in Maghaberry. He has been denied proper medical care and is being held in a separate wing, under horrible unsanitary conditions and away from the other Republican prisoners housed in Roe House.

On September 15th Hijjawi embarked on a hunger strike with the demand of being moved to Roe House. The other Republican prisoners decided to all join him. In an act of unity and solidarity Republican Prisoners in Portlaoise in the Irish Free State and female Republican Prisoners in Hydebank have joined the strike.

We call on the Prison Administration in Maghaberry to immediately move Dr. Issam Hijjawi to the Roe House and to provide adequate medical care. While we may not agree with the activities that led to their imprisonment, we recognize that they are republicans and that the root cause of their imprisonment is the continued occupation of Irish soil by the British state. Only by ending partition will we finally see a true and lasting peace on the island of Ireland. We pledge our continued support to making that a reality.