AUI Easter Statement 2021

On the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, Americans for a United Ireland pay tribute to all the men and women of Easter Week 1916. Their heroism and vision created the hope and belief that a subjugated people could take charge of their own destiny. The following century vindicated the democratic and just character of the insurrection; the Easter Rising still inspires freedom-loving people around the world.

We remember this Rising as a central act of Irish history in large part due to the response of the Irish people and her diaspora to the event. Had the uprising not stirred something in the Irish people, the event would be relegated to a mere historical footnote. Instead, it is an event of crucial importance.

This story, the response of the Irish people to this great uprising is still ongoing. All of us working for the freedom of Ireland to choose a future without British interference are following the path shown to us by great men like Thomas Clarke and James Connolly.

The coming months and years will see our cause advance. In 1916 Pádraig Pearse acknowledged how their cause was “supported by her exiled children in America.” In 2021, Irish America is again ready and willing to play our part to finally see the vision of 1916 realized.

We in Americans for a United Ireland pledge our ongoing support to the Yes for Unity Campaign. We look forward to engaging with our supporters on the streets across the USA once the circumstances allow it.

We encourage all of you to claim your place in this continuing legacy of Easter Week and join us.