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AUI Condemn Election Harassment

Dan Murphy campaign volunteer being harassed by RUC/PSNI

Americans for a United Ireland condemn the ongoing and escalating harassment of the election campaign of Dan Murphy and Colly McLaughlin in the northern Assembly elections. Dan and Colly are both dedicated Irish Republicans and Yes for Unity Activists. Their campaign volunteers have had to endure harassment including being stopped and searched by the police. Recently both men’s election agents have had their homes raided by the RUC/PSNI. Just this morning an arrest warrant was issued for Dan Murphy’s election agent, one day before polls open.

Candidate Colly McLaughlin being stalked by RUC/PSNI while campaigning in Derry

Both Murphy and McLaughlin are standing as IRSP candidates. Since announcing their candidacy, the IRSP’s Facebook pages have been hacked and deleted and the party’s bank account has been frozen.

AUI condemn this blatant attack on democracy and send our solidarity to Dan, Colly, and their campaign volunteers. We look forward to continuing to work with you in support of the Yes For Unity campaign. Beir Bua!